Efficient education checks in tune with today's recruitment needs

The role of checking qualifications is a difficult one to fill for organisations. Enquiring and chasing by phone, email, fax and even good old fashioned correspondence is a long and drawn out process for in-house HR teams. Faced with the choice of automated education checks or the DIY route, we feel sure you'd opt for the former. However, not all education checking services are created equal. After just 1 check using our automated service (1 is our minimum quantity, by the way) we think you'll choose Qualification Check every time, and here's why:

Definition of an efficient qualification checking service

Here are the 6 inbuilt qualities that go to make Qualification Check the best service by far:

  • Broad coverage: we verify qualifications at tens of thousands of universities, colleges and professional bodies in more than one hundred countries worldwide - and counting. We know how universities work so we're able to create an automated service that fits well with their processes. If we don't cover a university, contact us and we'll check if we can still offer you a fast, accurate solution.
  • Speed: we offer the fastest possible response times - immediate in some instances. Our on-demand 24/7, global reach effectively removes the impact both of time zones and reduced staffing in university admin departments.
  • Accuracy: our automated quality-checked data minimises errors. We also offer a full audit trail with a detailed record of each verification.
  • Keenly priced and cost effective: we don't subject you to a minimum number of searches (performing just 1 check is fine). Cost per verification is low with different payment methods and volume discounts available.
  • Security: our technology safeguards confidential information in a way that the manual process (and possibly some of our competitors) can't.
  • 'University-friendly': we've designed the service in consultation with university personnel. The result is a transparent and truly cost effective process that copes with every scenario - from sporadic staffing to battling with records comprising paper archives.

Qualification Check History

Qualification Check was founded in 2009 it’s mission to provide an automated service that satisfies the needs of 3 key parties: employers, universities and candidates.

Qualification Check is now trusted by thousands of organisations around the world to carry out their education verifications. However we are constantly looking for ways to make Qualification Check an even better service for its clients. To speak to one of the team and find out about our latest developments contact us

It's quite simple really; we offer a transparent and cost effective service that's technology-led but supported by the knowledge and tenacity of a great team of people. You could say we're dedicated to qualification checking. Contact us and we'll tell you how we can help you - whether you're an in-house HR team, recruitment firm, small business or government agency we have the solution for you.