Easy to use education checking

Our education checking process is built round our clients' needs so it's simple, fast and transparent whether you're making 1 or 1,000 enquiries:

Sign up

Setting up an account couldn't be easier. Provide us with some basic details about yourself and your organisation and create a password for future access. We need a minimum amount of data from you for identification purposes as well as to ensure we all comply with data protection legislation. As you can see from our privacy policy, we don't share any of this data with third parties.

Purchase credit

You’ll find details of our low cost qualification checking under the tariff section of the website. You can pay each time you login or buy credits and use them as and when you need them. A history of all payments and invoices is kept in the “Credit Transactions”. Alternatively, you can arrange for a monthly invoicing account to be set up for large volume usage.

Request a verification

This step requires users to provide the following details about the student: D.O.B., first and last name (including a consent form) degree, course and university etc.

Receive your verification

If your verification is not verified automatically then you will be asked to check the information and edit in case you have input it wrongly. It will then be sent off for manual checking. An email will be sent to your username to tell you once it is ready and you can then log in and check the result in the verification history. You will also be given the option to save the result for future reference.

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