Global qualification checking

Qualification Check is the world’s most comprehensive online, degree verification service. Our clients are able to verify qualifications at thousands of universities, colleges and professional bodies in more than a hundred countries worldwide. This number is increasing all the time. Our technology is such that institutions can also easily incorporate it into their own systems without lengthy IT assessment.

Please note that (unless marked with a *) this is not an exclusive service, we have no contractual agreement with the universities and you can still contact the universities directly in order to carry out verifications if you so wish.

Global academic qualification checking

Our aim is to widen our coverage of academic qualification checking as fast as possible thereby creating the world’s first fully comprehensive, one-stop verification hub. An increasingly global and mobile workforce means the value of an equally global education screening service is essential. We created Qualification Check so that organisations of all shapes and sizes could benefit from a fast, simple and cost effective service.

Global qualification checking with professional bodies

We offer an exclusive service carrying out all verifications of qualifications and membership at The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI), the largest and most widely respected professional body for the securities and investment industry in the UK and a growing number of financial centres around the world. Our direct link with live CISI data will enable you to verify your candidates in seconds. In addition to some basic information, you'll be asked for your candidate's 6 digit registration number which they can find on their own page of the CISI website.

The Qualification Check system is a great step forward and took away a large administrative burden from us. It has eased the recruitment process for potential employers of our students and members by making the verification of their results and membership online and immediate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Simon Culhane, CEO of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

Universities become an intrinsic part of global qualification checking

To universities, we offer a light touch solution that complements their existing processes while delivering 2 major benefits:

  • Removes the high workload and cost of routine checking (we can even convert paper archival records to electronic data which is a huge-time saver).
  • Each institution retains full control of data input, quality and access. A full audit trail and detailed record is created for each and every verification. Sign up or Contact us for more information.